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High School Student - How To "Learn" Jazz?


So, I'm currently a sophomore in high school, and I participate in a lot of different bands, both in and out of school, but all of these bands pretty much stick to classically composed songs, and never really vary. Aside from the jazz band in my school (which is very small and basic), I really don't have any exposure to swing or jazz-like music. So, when my community band that I play lead trumpet in decided to do a short arrangement of St. Louis Blues, its safe to say I was a little bit shocked. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get a feel for the rhythms or the music in general. Onto the actual post. I don't know a lot about jazz, swing, and anything that remotely falls into that category. What are the first steps I should take to learn another style of music entirely? If private lessons are the way to go, how do I find a private instructor? I might not be asking the right questions here, so really any tips are helpful at this point.

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